What’s New

Areas Being Served:

  1. Service of St. Mary: serves the residents of El Maadi and Maasara, Helwan.
  2. Service of St. George: serves in Al Qolali and As Sabtiyyah.
  3. Service of St. Paul (the base of St. Paul Monastery –Naser Bush – Beni Suef): serves in Naser Bush and the surrounding villages.
  4. Service of the Martyr Anba Samuel, Bishop of Services: serves Shubra – Al Qalyubia, and some of the far random villages: (Due to limited resources at GTR, they are helped seasonally.) We provide them with meat, blankets, essential ingredients. Few are helped financially on a monthly basis.
  5. Service of St. Arsenius, the teacher of kings’ children: serves some manors and villages in Bani Suef.
  6. Service of St. Shenouda the Archimandrite: serves some of the villages of Sohag.
  7. Service of St. Karas the Anchorite: serves Akhmim (a new service that started this year).
  8. Service of St. Abanoub: serves Ain Shams area in El-Zahraa and a part of Izbat an Nakhl and Al Marj.
  9. Service of St. Kyrillos the Sixth: will start through Christ’s grace at the first half of next year 2020. It will serve Mansoura and El Senbellawein.
  10. Service of St. Paul the Apostle: serves the families of the prisoners to protect the families from going astray. (It’s a temporary service until the father comes out of prison)
  • The targeted group for support is the widows and their orphaned children, who have no one to support them except the Lord of Glory (they are unknown cases, who do not ask for help).
    • – Therefore, as one of the organization’s principle, we are unable to take their pictures and put them on our website or to mention their names except in the case which a donor may ask for their names in order to visit them while they are in Egypt.