Our Projects

Our Goal

OUR GOAL is to feed 50 more families a day from your (financial) remnants and to add a smile to their faces. “Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these my brethren, you did it to Me.” (Matthew 25:40)

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How we started

His Grace Bishop Samuel, Bishop of Public Ecumenical and Social Services. “Gather the Remnants” Was his Grace’s idea. Bishop Samuel was born on December 8th, 1920.
And Martyred on October 6th, 1981

Today the majority of the problems that face our youngest children, boys and girls in Egypt are caused by lack of every day material needs. “Assuredly, I say to you, in-as-much as you did it to one of the least of these my brethren, you did it to Me.’ (Mat 25:40)
So with God’s will and the blessings of Jesus Christ we will move forward to assemble a Non-Profit Organization in the name of the family of Pope Kiriolos who loved the poor; This project according to the instructions given by of his Grace Bishop Samuel (Gather the Remnants).
The purpose of this letter is not to ask for more donations; but it is very important to ask for your participation in this project. And if you have any ideas you could find useful to this project we will welcome your ideas.
For that I ask you to give minutes of your precious time to read this letter and don’t discard it. Please read it with an eye that is filled with love and care for your brethren, Jesus brethren the hard worker that suffers many problems and you say “The zeal for your house burns in me”
I will not forget my loved ones, the day His Grace Bishop Samuel had a spiritual gathering in one of the monastery of El-Giza prior to his martyrdom on October 6th, 1981.
He presented the project “Egmau al-kesar” (Gather the Remnants). His wishes were that every house would collect what is left over from the cost of the food (meat, bread, butter, etc.) so all these small amounts will be collected and given to the hungry and the needy.
And this is the truth; many times we have extra food, clothing and others. It was possible that we could have done without a little of all these extras. And in the same time these little amounts could wipe lots of tears from eyes that are “looking for the crumbs that fall from the master’s table”.
So would you like to share with Christ himself the one that we beg him to wipe every tear from our eyes and the One that the Bible says about Him that the true pure religion according to God the Father that we are taking care of the orphan, and the widows in their hour of need. The blessing of this service and its fruits in this sentence protects the human being himself without any sin of the world.
This project asks you to become a member of this organization by participating with twenty five dollars per month. This amount will be given to a needy family in Egypt. You will learn of their circumstances and with time you can correspond with them if you wish. You will learn of their progress and how your twenty five dollars a month makes a difference between tears and hope.
My loved ones, brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ, the blessing of our Lord Jesus Christ who controls our lives in accordance to His goodness, will embrace us all. Peace to the Church of your house.

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Areas we serve

Areas Being Served:
1. Service of St. Mary: serves the residents of El Maadi and Maasara, Helwan.
2. Service of St. George: serves in Al Qolali and As Sabtiyyah.
3. Service of St. Paul (the base of St. Paul Monastery –Naser Bush – Beni Suef): serves in Naser Bush and the surrounding villages.
4. Service of the Martyr Anba Samuel, Bishop of Services: serves Shubra – Al Qalyubia, and some of the far random villages: (Due to limited resources at GTR, they are helped seasonally.) We provide them with meat, blankets, essential ingredients. Few are helped financially on a monthly basis.
5. Service of St. Arsenius, the teacher of kings’ children: serves some manors and villages in Bani Suef.
6. Service of St. Shenouda the Archimandrite: serves some of the villages of Sohag.
7. Service of St. Karas the Anchorite: serves Akhmim (a new service that started this year).
8. Service of St. Abanoub: serves Ain Shams area in El-Zahraa and a part of Izbat an Nakhl and Al Marj.
9. Service of St. Kyrillos the Sixth: will start through Christ’s grace at the first half of next year 2020. It will serve Mansoura and El Senbellawein.
10. Service of St. Paul the Apostle: serves the families of the prisoners to protect the families from going astray. (It’s a temporary service until the father comes out of prison)
V The targeted group for support is the widows and their orphaned children, who have no one to support them except the Lord of Glory (they are unknown cases, who do not ask for help).
– Therefore, as one of the organization’s principle, we are unable to take their pictures and put them on our website or to mention their names except in the case which a donor may ask for their names in order to visit them while they are in Egypt.

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